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We at GALLOP firmly believe the primary mission of a quality system is to maintain a satisfied customer base by providing customers with superior quality and service at a fair price. GALLOP’s guarantee to our customers is that we will consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed their requirements and expectations. This promise is part of our culture, and reinforced throughout the organization. “Do it right the first time” every time!

Quality Objectives

  • We will continually foster a culture where preventing defects is the goal: not simply detecting them.

  • We will involve all employees, regardless of position, in the quality system and in continuous improvement programs.

  • We will monitor our quality performance with methods that reveal areas where improvement is needed, and take action swiftly.

  • Develop a highly-trained and motivated workforce with full accountability and responsibility.

  • Establish long term relations with customers and suppliers.

Strategic Partners

In order to enhance its product and service offering to the oil and gas industry, GALLOP has formed strategic alliances with some of the most respected companies in their field of expertise.