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GALLOP is comprised of two main divisions, Tower Field Service & Vessel Fabrication. The Tower Field Service Division employs the most experienced and talented individuals in the Internals Installation Industry while the Fabrication Division and its 40 year history have sent fabricated products to the moon.

What sets GALLOP apart is the years of experience in the Fabrication and Tower Field Service Industries. People are our greatest asset. This is represented in its top personnel and staff. GALLOP'S average management experience is 26 years. We have achieved an invaluable reputation through our ability to respond to customers’ needs quickly. By carefully selecting our employees and training them in their respective crafts, we are ready to respond with the expertise necessary for any project – large or small – in house or onsite.

GALLOP began as a specialty welding shop – Landry Specialty Welding (LSW) - in the early 1960’s, and has left its mark on the Houston landscape and even in American history.  During the early days of Houston’s space program, LSW was contracted by NASA to produce numerous components, most notably the compressed air guns used to propel astronauts when outside of the space ship, and the shovels that were used on the first Moon walk.  If you’re old enough to remember Astroworld, you probably remember the lamp posts that provided lighting across the bridge to the park.  Those were all welded by LSW.  When you ride the train at the Houston Zoo, you will see the “Trojan Bear” that stands along the train track.  The steel structure of the bear was another LSW project. 

trojan bearFor over 40 years, the welding business focused primarily on oilfield work.  Although they were affected like so many other companies by the great Texas oil bust during the mid1980’s, they were able to stay in business and even thrive, as they were recognized as highly skilled craftsmen.

tower field servicesIn 2007, GALLOP was born when the LSW assets were purchased by a team of tower field service and vessel fabrication specialists.  The same top notch welding capabilities, attention to the customer, and highest quality workmanship are still hallmarks of the company.  From the outer reaches of space to the Texas oilfields, GALLOP has become a trusted provider to its customers as they have helped them take customized applications from conception through implementation.

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For over 40 years, GALLOP has been a leader in the field of vessel fabrication and tower field service in the Houston, TX area, the Gulf Coast region, and other parts of the world. Call us today to discuss your fabrication or turnaround needs.GALLOP CorporationPhone (281) 449-1051
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